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YATAGHAN is named after the renowned “YATAGHAN” sword, an exquisitely crafted piece of weaponry famous during the Ottoman Empire. The YATAGHAN was known to embody a unique shape, and carry a distinguishable sense of elegance that only a skilled craftsman could masterfully create. The eye-catching sword was artistically engraved with Arabic poetry and encrusted with gems and precious stones.

Drawing inspiration from the Spirit of the YATAGHAN, Sarah Abudawood translates the story behind it into her jewellery. She established the brand in 2008. Yataghan has pioneered the online retail movement in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Making it the first brand to lead the way and set the standards for the new normal. 

Each jewel is exquisitely crafted by artisans at the YATAGHAN atelier. Delicately merging minimalist design, heritage and Sarah’s passion for architecture into works of art that seamlessly fit with the demands of modern life.

Sarah was born and raised in Saudi Arabia & is currently based in Dubai. She is an architectural photographer that gravitates towards bold lines and abstraction. Her critically acclaimed work focuses on minimalist architecture and geometric perspectives, which translates in the DNA of each and every jewellery collection she creates.

In 2006 she gained accreditation as a Graduate Gemologist (G.G) from the International Gemological Institute (IGI) in Antwerp, and accreditation as a Jewellery Professional (AJP) from GIA London IN 2009.

Sarah is a founding member of She’s Mercedes and The Arts Club – Dubai. As well as being an active member of various prestigious associations including, the Young President’s Organization (YPO), Dubai Design & Fashion Council (DDFC), American Center for Design (ACD),(AIGA), and  Zahra Breast Cancer Association. 


“Jewellery is the most beautiful form of self-expression. It reflects both style and identity. We aim that YATAGHAN continues to play a positive role in the journey of both women and men that engage with the brand. At YATAGHAN we will only achieve our mission when our clients find in us an extension of themselves and their journey to growth and fulfillment.” Sarah Abudawood