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The following Terms of Use Agreement governs the general & specific usage of Yataghan Jewellery websites, mobile websites, mobile applications, & any other digital platform (collectively referred to as “Platforms”) and serves as an encompassing informative disclaimer. The Platforms are owned and edited by Yataghan Jewellery Trading, all international rights reserved.
Throughout the course of this Agreement “Terms of Use” the terms Yataghan (“us”, “we”, and “our”) shall all synonymously be used to refer to the “Company” (i.e. Yataghan Jewellery Trading & Affiliates) & may be used interchangeably throughout; with its regional office registered & located at:Sunset Mall, Office 16 Floor 2
Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai.
All content provided within and displayed on any and all of our Platforms (all-inclusive without limitation to either information or platform upon which the information is displayed) is the property of Yataghan Jewellery Trading and protected by its proprietary Copyrights.
All other content is subsequently protected by the independent rights of its owners and independent contributors. These terms shall further apply to all understandings, orders, purchases, and placements relevant to the Platforms or related business thereof.
General Provisions & Acceptance of Terms
IMPORTANT: All usage (specific or general) of any of Yataghan’s digital Platforms signifies voluntary, irrevocable, and implicit acceptance of its Legal Terms of Use & the non-objection to any of its directly stated or indirectly inferred clauses. Further, by accessing the Platforms all users ascertain voluntary agreement to conform & comply with the Terms of Use in its entirety without exception. Acceptance of any cookies or clicking OK or any of the tabs/pages of the Platform further constitutes full agreement to these terms. Any disagreement with our Terms of Use means that you are not authorized, permitted, or allowed to use any parts of the Platforms or utilize any of its pages thereof (and you will need to stop using our Platforms immediately). This shall apply to all Yataghan Platforms collectively & accordingly.
Kindly read the Terms of Use carefully.
The terms contained herein this Agreement shall be binding and presentable in any judicial proceedings brought forth between parties relevant to it. Furthermore, it constitutes the principal & complete basis of the agreement between you and Yataghan Jewellery Trading and surpasses any and all draft agreements, prior Agreements, prior arrangements, prior undertakings, other contracts, or understandings. All sections of this Agreement form an integral part of it. These Terms of Use shall apply to all subsections of this document/Platform-s (including but not limited to): Delivery & Returns, Payment, Cookies & Privacy Policy, Copyright, and Disclaimer, and users of Yataghan Jewellery Platforms understand and agree to its terms in entirety.
If any provision of this agreement is determined to be unlawful, void or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of the agreement shall remain legally binding, enforceable, and unaffected.
The provisions entitled ” Disclaimer & Limitations to Liabilities” and “General provisions” and “Material Use” and “Copyright & Other Rights” will survive any legitimate termination of these Terms of Use.
Variation of Information
We reserve the right to make changes to the Platform and/or these Terms of Use as seen fit by us (without necessary notice). By your continued use of our Platform, you hereby accept any updates to these terms accordingly. We encourage you to review our latest Terms of Use posted on our website for any changes. In the event that you find it inaccessible for any reason; we are happy to furnish you with a copy by writing to us. At Yataghan we always exercise our best to keep our customers, patrons, and the public well informed. However, all information available on any of our Platforms is for general reference / personal use only. We shall not be held responsible under any circumstances for any inaccuracies, incomplete information, incorrect descriptions, mispricing, or errors presented on any of our Platforms.
Obligation to Notify
In seeking to offer our users & customers the best Platforms experience, the user hereby willingly agrees (by virtue of continuing to use the Platforms & to the best of their ability – as stated above) to inform us of any errors, malicious content, malware, information violations, faults, and/or concerns experienced or found whilst using the Platforms; by successfully (copy of receipt) writing to the administrator: info@yataghanjewellery.com.
Furthermore, it is hereby agreed that reasonable time shall be given to us, in order to address your concern at the best of our abilities in goodwill. Any contrary action prior to notifying us of the concern and allowing a reasonable time to address the concern by a user shall thereby indicate malicious intent of using the Platforms in a manner not intended & a direct violation of the herein set Terms of Use Agreement.
Material Use
By using our Platforms you hereby willing declare that all your interactions (digital and otherwise) shall be in a manner in which it was intended to be used. You further warrant that you shall not use the Platform in a manner that will or may cause damage, corruption, insult, access prohibited data, impair, hack, spread malware, spam, or in any objectionable manner of criminal capacity. It shall be your responsibility to ensure an apt understanding of the digital laws of the country you are accessing from and the country you are accessing to.
At Yataghan we strive to present our visuals in the best possible quality as to communicate to our clients their superiority in craftsmanship and excellence. However, due to differences in resolution (amongst other technical reasons), we shall not be held liable for any discrepancies in visuals and the received product. It is your responsibility to visit us and ensure your likability prior to your purchase. Nevertheless, we shall exercise our best to accommodate special cases that are completely discretionary on our part.
It is paramount when using our Platform to understand and assume that all the materials available on it are the proprietary intellectual property of Yataghan Jewellery Trading & Affiliates and/or their respective other licensed owners and content providers (unless credited otherwise). Therefore, you shall take the necessary measures to protect the materials accordingly. You may only use the material for domestic personal and private use. You are not authorized to modify, delete, change, copy, duplicate, mass print (2 or more copies), republish, download, post, broadcast, transmit, or digitally save any of the materials on the Platform. Any commercial, design replication, unpermitted presentation, mass reproduction, selling, reproduction, or distribution of any materials on the Platforms is strictly prohibited and shall be subject to the full violation of International and Local Copyright and other Intellectual property laws.
You further acknowledge not to use or submit any false information, email address, or identification information or documentation that may be used to disguise, hide, or make anonymous your true identity amongst other purposes.
Yataghan Jewellery (at its sole discretion) reserves the right to terminate, restrict, or cancel your access or usage of any of its Platforms without prior notice.
We encourage you to write us for permission in case you intend on using any of the materials, information, or data on our Platforms at info@yataghanjewellery.com.
Submission & Communication
You hereby acknowledge and confirm that you are entirely responsible (without exception) for any materials submitted on any of our Platforms by you.
Any submissions made or materials sent to Yataghan Jewellery Trading on any of its Platforms shall be considered as non-confidential and non-proprietary. You further grant us irrevocable, continual, without royalty, permission, and a license to replicate, modify, publish, and edit such communication.
Further, you hereby confirm that all information provided by you on any of our Platforms is violation-free, legally sound, and does not infringe on any persons or entity’s rights in any manner, shape, or form. And that you shall not hold us liable for any obstructions, violations, or damages related to any and all your submissions accordingly.
It is hereby expressly prohibited to link, display, frame, tag, or create any electronic connections (including hidden text or coding) to our Platform by you without our written consent.
For your convenience and ease of use; registration and login might be required to access your account or information on Yataghan Platforms.
It is your responsibility to safeguard your login information and not share it with anyone. In the case that your login information is suspected to be compromised, you shall notify us immediately.
We shall not be responsible for any misrepresentations in identity or damages resulting thereof that may arise due to negligence in safeguarding your information. You further hereby indemnify us against any and all claims or damages resulting from your personal usage of your account and login with us.