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NOV 2019
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BURJI Home | PRESS | Hia Magazine Yataghan turns Stars Signs into pieces of jewellery. Inspired by the celestial beauty of the 12 zodiac signs and exquisitely crafted in 18k solid gold, each necklace features a diamond which gives a luxe take on each Star Sign.  
H U R R I Y A H Home | PRESS | Hia Magazine YATAGHAN launches HURRIYAH, the Arabic word for FREEDOM, by using the shape of its Arabic calligraphy to create the contour of a butterfly. Butterflies signify personal transformation and growth. It was once said, “You cannot talk Butterfly language with caterpillar people.” [...]
H U B B Home | PRESS | Hia Magazine Yataghan reignites the most cherished emotion and re-defines its symbol in iconography “The Symbol of the Heart” . The Love Collection, Hubb in Arabic, pays a tribute to this symbol by bringing together Arabic Typography and Anatomy, 2 letters and 2 chambers formed perfectly into [...]
H E X A G O N Home | PRESS | Hia Magazine The hexagonal form found throughout the collection evokes a contemporary aesthetic that serves as both a delicate design or a bold statement piece. Based on the most balanced geometrical shape, the hexagon,  the collection presents a unique blend of modernity with a [...]
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